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New York, NY [u.a.] : Routledge, 2015
XXV, 650 S. : Ill., Kt.
0-415-87952-3, 978-0-415-87952-1
Weitere Ausgaben: 978-0-203-12228-0 (ebk)
Part I: Preludes and the present
1. Life in a 21st century Mound City / LeAnne Howe, Jim Wilson -- 2. The Maya world through its literature / Emilio del Valle Escalante -- 3. "Anasazi" no more: Ancestral Pueblo cultures of the American southwest / Joe E. Watkins -- 4. Alaska Native politics since the Alaska Native claims settlement act / Roy M. Huhndorf, Shari M. Huhndorf -- 5. Zapatista autonomy, local governance, and an organic theory of rights / Shannon Speed
Part II: Geographies
6. Geographies: Yoeme / Felipe S. Molina, David Delgado Shorter -- 7. Fitting a square peg in a round hole: The history of tribal land-use planning in the United States / Theodore Jojola, Timothy Imeokparia -- 8. Urban landscapes of North America / Chris Andersen
Part III: Survival and persistence
9. The challenge of revitalizing heritage languages / Gus Palmer, Jr. -- 10. Indigenous science and traditional ecological knowledge: Persistence in place / Melissa K. Nelson -- 11. Recognition and rebuilding / Amy E. Den Ouden, Jean M. O'Brien -- 12. Food sovereignty, food hegemony, and the revitalization of Indigenous whaling practices$jCharlotte Coté
Part IV: Aesthetics
13. Songs of transformation: Music from screech songs to hip hop / Brian Wright-McLeod -- 14. Indigenous writing / Daniel Heath Justice -- 15. A history of books in Native North America / Matt Cohen -- 16. American Indian theater 2013: Not running on empty yet / Hanay Geiogamah
Part V: Institutions
17. Courts, police, and the law / Carole Goldberg, Duane Champagne -- 18. Education / K. Tsianina Lomawaima -- 19. Health and wellness in Native North America / Felicia Schanche Hodge -- 20. The changing picture of health for American Indians and Alaska Natives / Jennie R. Joe
Part VI: An indigenous world?
21. Resurgence and resistance in Abya Yala: Indigenous politics from Latin America / María Elena García, José Antonio Lucero -- 22. Maori: Mua Ki Muri, front to back / Brendan Hokowhitu -- 23. Race matters: The "Aborigine" as a White possession / Aileen Moreton-Robinson
Part VII: A complex, modern world
24. Sexuality / David Delgado Shorter -- 25. Gender / Joanne Barker -- 26. Afro-Native realities / Sharon P. Holland, Tiya Miles -- 27. Indigenous but not Indian? Chicana/os and the politics of indigeneity / María Eugenia Cotera, María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo -- 28. Disability in Indigenous North America: In memory of William Sherman Fox / Sean Kicummah Teuton
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Klassifikation der Library of Congress: E77
Dewey Dezimal-Klassifikation: [23] 970.004/97
Regensburger Verbund-Klassifikation: LB 48600 ; LB 53600
"The World of Indigenous North America is a comprehensive look at issues that concern indigenous people in North America. Though no single volume can cover every tribe and every issue around this fertile area of inquiry, this book takes on the fields of law, archaeology, literature, socio-linguistics, geography, sciences, and gender studies, among others, in order to make sense of the Indigenous experience. Covering both Canada's First Nations and the Native American tribes of the United States, and alluding to the work being done in indigenous studies through the rest of the world, the volume reflects the critical mass of scholarship that has developed in Indigenous Studies over the past decade, and highlights the best new work that is emerging in the field. The World of Indigenous North America is a book for every scholar in the field to own and refer to often"--
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LB 48600 W295
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